FPR004 − 04/12/2013


Disclosed Communication 12"











After the first three digital debuts we´re getting more serious and will put out the next release on 12″ vinyl as well. This time we´d like to introduce the duo MLLH with their debut EP Disclosed Communication: a diverse four-tracker ranging from techno over house to bass.

MLLH is an abbreviation and stands for the artists monikers Martin Lewis and Lars Huismann.

Martin has been making music for over a decade now, playing guitar and keyboard in various bands. He is also the co-founder of the infamous Zeitgeist Sessions at our sadly missed Horst and released his own debut on Mindcolormusic lately.

Lars is the rhythm mastermind behind MLLH, playing drums in several jazz and funk bands for about 16 years now. Luckily he teamed up with Martin and started doing electronic music.

Their debut EP marks the beginning of a promising collaboration.

FPR003 − 17/04/2013


Ampige Connection 2.0



Fairplay Records is proud to present the label´s third debut release, this time from London-based producer Hugo Slime with Ampige Connection 2.0 EP.

Hugo began pursuing his path in music back in the day, almost 20 years ago as a teenager, carrying his record box everywhere with him, always hoping to blag a spin on the decks. His persistence paid off and led to several club residencies, pirate radio shows and a regular column in Ravescene magazine, all under various monikers.

Now his debut EP shows off with three diverse house tracks - in the wider meaning - each reflecting his various influences: Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, House, Techno, and Classical, in fact "anything but thrash metal".

Alland Byallo

"Super dope. I like that there´s a nod to house music past without sounding derivative. That´s how it´s done. More Elevated Thing is my jammy here, but all the tracks are bananas. Top notch!"

Patrick Zigon

"wow amzing ep - love it!"

Darko Esser

"Fantastic, loving all 3 cuts! One big melting pot of influences, amazing work from Hugo!"

Franco Cinelli

"Very Nice Stuff!, thanks a lot :)"


"More Elevated Thing is super cool!!! Gentle as the artwork"

FPR002 − 06/02/2013





After unveiling Dear Tom´s EP Kranich - a musical framework for your personal ideas and memories - Fairplay is now showing diversity and breaks with Leibniz´s self-titled debut - a musical framework for your weekly workout.

The ep starts off with "allee", a track driven by a subtle synth riff finally loosing itself in a smooth floating bassline. Next up: "in der bar" - jacking drums and a catchy melody, in reminiscence to the old times of house music. Leibniz finishes off with "monatskarte", a rather slow piece of music yet heavy on bass and percussion, seeking out for melancholic days to come.

Fairplay believes that all three tracks are meant to be heard and is curiously looking forward to further stuff by skater and weisswurst-lover Leibniz.

Ian Pooley

"In der Bar is coool, love that everything sounds so rough..."

Alland Byallo

"Wow this is right up my alley. Moody, gritty and with some serious nail-tough BUMP to it. 5/5"


"in der bar is badass"

Ben Sims

"feeling ′allee′ and ′in der bar′, quality stuff, thx!""

Ben Westbeech

"love all of this really beautiful and gonna be in my sets for a while breach"

FPR001 − 03/09/2012





We´re proud to introduce three young fellas to you. Having known each other since school days, times free of worry, these guys from Coburg, Germany, eventually started jamming. They turned out to be a promising collaboration, finding their flow while sketching the very first track within one night. Thus was born the ensemble Dear Tom.

Soon they had created their own soundscape by connecting the electronic and organic, the analogue and digital, the natural and synthetic. Their passion to combine cryptic beats and pleasant melodies gives Dear Tom a unique sound that cannot be categorized and resists being forced into any specific genre. "Dear Tom" is not only an introductory phrase, it´s an invitation to you. it´s the band´s invitation for you to become "Tom" and to find out about the trio´s stories.

Dear Tom´s debut work Kranich (german for crane) offers a way to let loose and disconnect from the every-day routine without actually moving. It´s like seeing the world from a crane´s perspective just by closing your eyes. The five songs on "kranich" serve as a musical framework for your personal ideas, imaginations, wishes and memories.